Mickie James is better than ever at 42: Here's her killer full body workout.

Mickie James is better than ever at 42: Here's her killer full body workout.

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Saturday, January 29th: St Louis, MO:

The countdown clock reaches zero, indicating entrant number 20 is about to enter the WWE Women's Royal Rumble match. The crowd of over 44,000 WWE fans hears the opening line of a theme song that has never played at a WWE event before:

"Hardcore Country!"

Suddenly the realization of the audience takes hold as they are witnessing not only the entrance of multi-time world champion Mickie James, but they are also witnessing the acknowledgement from WWE that Mickie's own version of herself is what connects best with the audience, and the St Louis audience confirmed with one of the loudest reactions of the evening. Mickie's appearance in the Rumble was a groundbreaking moment for WWE and Pro Wrestling as a whole, as Mickie not only appeared as "Hardcore Country" Mickie James, but also carrying the Impact Wrestling Knockout's World Championship belt. 

The fact that this moment took place in St. Louis is also poetic, as in August 2021, Mickie produced the first-ever NWA all-women's pay-per-view event, Empowerrr, which was universally praised by fans and peers alike. The following night she was victorious at NWA73 in the return of "Wrestling at The Chase". Then in October, at Impact's signature event "Bound For Glory" she defeated Deonna Purrazzo to become the Knockout's Champion. 

So to recap, in the space of one year she went from being unceremoniously let go by WWE, to headlining pay-per-views for multiple promotions and then was invited to compete in the Royal Rumble by the same company that let her go less than a year ago, to one of the biggest crowd reactions of the event. Oh and she's also the director of Her Legacy.

All of this would seem unlikely at the best of times, but when you take into account that she turned 42 just two days after the Empowerrr event, this story becomes even more unlikely, as women in Wrestling historically have shorter careers than their male counterparts. But let's be clear, this is not a "coming-out-of-retirement" run, this is very much going to go down as one of the strongest periods in Mickie's body of work. A major reason for this is the way that Mickie re-dedicated herself to her diet and training after our son, Donovan, was born in 2014.

"I always trained hard, but when I was younger and on the road with WWE, or even before that with OVW (WWE's developmental promotion in the early 2000s) I was burning so many calories between working out and wrestling so much that I got away with a lot of food I wouldn't recommend!" 

"Becoming pregnant and then a new mom, it really made me realize that I had to pay more attention to my nutrition if I was ever going to make it back."

For Clarity, we are always pretty consistent with our diets in general, but with our level of activity we could afford ourselves more cheat days than we probably should have, which we have dialed back in recent years.

Mickie's Workout:

Leading up to the Rumble, Mickie has been doing a total body workout. "I wanted to maximize my metabolism and be as lean as possible for the show, as well as conditioned because the Royal Rumble can potentially be a long night! Plus I didn't want any one thing to be particularly sore so I tried to make sure all my joints and connective tissues were engaged."

Total Body Workout:

15 min warm up of light cardio

Circuit: Mickie completes each exercise in succession, then rests around 2 minutes after completing the circuit. Be prepared to sweat because this is intense.

Dumbbell "21s" - Mickie actually does a total of 30 dumbbell curls: 10 reps in the lower 50%, 10 reps in the upper 50% and 10 more in the full range of motion.

Dumbbell squat-and-press x 10

Dumbbell Plank Row x 10 each side

Single arm Kettlebell Snatch x 10 each side

DB Lunge x 10 each side. "Sometimes I do walking lunges and sometimes stationary depending on how my knee is feeling (Mickie has had two knee surgeries)

Complete each set 3 times. This workout should take around 45 minutes but it will be an intense 45 minutes. Mickie often adds a supplemental cardio session in our home gym in the morning or evening.

Mickie's current Supplement Regimen:

Mickie takes Superfood Pro Greens and X-Lean 5 in the morning, Femina and Flush Total Detox after her workout, and Recovery PM at bedtime.

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