How To Unlock Your Full Potential With Better Sleep

"Sleep" has been a word long associated with a lack of performance; If somebody makes a consequential mistake, they "fell asleep". If we want to recommend someone or something that is not getting enough attention we say "don't sleep on" them. And if, like me, you enjoy watching key note speeches and motivational talks, you will often hear inspirational people talk about how little sleep they get in order to be successful. One of Arnold's most well-known pieces of advice is to "sleep faster" when he talks about maximizing the hours you have available every day to accomplish your goals. 

First off, I absolutely agree with Arnold. Sleep faster. Sleep efficiently. Give your body the amount of effective rest required to recover and maintain optimal function.

In addition to the benefits of improved sleep, let's not forget the risks of inadequate sleep: Impaired memory and cognitive function, reduced testosterone, increased cortisol, impaired metabolic function, reduced muscle mass, increase in body fat, impaired Growth Hormone production, increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease to name a few.

We've come to associate sleep with laziness, but that's because most people are not looking at sleep as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and most people think sleep is something that just happens and doesn't require any thought or preparation. Have you ever noticed how there are some people who sleep less than the average person, and yet have more energy? Then there are some who spend more time in bed than the average person and yet somehow are less effective?

This is because sleep is a matter of quality, not quantity.

Here are some simple ways to improve the quality of your sleep:

Keep a Sleep Schedule: Your body reacts better with a consistent circadian rhythm. Try to be in bed around the same time every night and set an alarm to wake up. 

Prepare for sleep: About one or two hours before you want to be asleep, reduce screen time, turn down the lights, disengage from activity and conversation that create too much stimulation.

Cool Down: Your body temperature reduces during deep sleep. If you shower before bed, try turning down the water temperature towards the end of your shower, turn on fans, open windows and try to get your temperature down in preparation for deep sleep.

Compartmentalize: There is always something else that needs to be done. Use your journal, planner, diary or just a to-do list. Write down everything that is on your mind and commit to do it tomorrow when you are fresh. Then let it go. Don't punish yourself for scheduling tasks, it's not always procrastination.

Establish a caffeine cut-off: Caffeine is a major part of many people's daily lives (including mine) but you will benefit from a caffeine curfew; pick a time, my suggestion is at least five hours before bed time.

Use a sleep supplement: Melatonin is produced naturally in the body but many daily activities often impair melatonin production, so melatonin supplements are very popular. Recovery PM includes Melatonin, but also includes a key matrix of other ingredients designed to help your body relax, de-stress and prepare the body for deep sleep. which is why Recovery PM is Legacy Sports Nutrition's best seller of 2021, and our repeat purchase rate is over 80%. Try Recovery PM now and use code ALDIS for 10% off your entire order.