Are you getting enough Magnesium?

Are you getting enough Magnesium?

, by NICHOLAS ALDIS, 2 min reading time

In my first book, I talked about how important it is to base your workout around compound exercises, and how if you're always bouncing around between fad exercises and gimmicks, you'll be eternally frustrated with your progress. The same is true with supplements. 

"What supplements should I take?" Is a common question I am asked. The only responsible response is a counter question "what are you eating and what supplements are you currently using?"

The clue is in the name y'all; supplements...they're meant to enhance an already quality diet and make up for deficiencies or fill a need for a greater amount of nutrients that you can't get easily from food alone. But while many of us are always looking for the next breakthrough supplement to unlock even more of our potential, it's easy to lose sight of less glamorous but massively important members of our nutritional lineup.

Enter Magnesium.

Like I said, not glamorous, not the flashy new player with an exotic name and a fancy trick. A utility player, dependable, consistent but vital to the overall success of the team.

Why you need it: Oh, nothing crazy, just TO EXIST AND FUNCTION NORMALLY. Magnesium is vital to a ton of your body's processes including but not limited to muscle and nerve function, heart health, blood sugar maintenance and energy levels. It also helps strengthen bones and fights inflammation.

Around half of Americans don't get enough Magnesium and it can lead to a number of issues like High Blood Pressure, Type II Diabetes and Migraines, fun.

How much do you need? Common opinion in the medical community is that Women need 310mg daily and 320mg after age 30. Men need 400mg daily and 420mg daily after age 30.

What foods provide it? The best sources of Magnesium include Avocado (1 cup = 44mg) Almonds or Cashews (1 ounce = 80mg) Brown Rice (half cup = 40mg) Oatmeal (half cup = 30mg) Black beans (half cup = 60mg) The biggest hitter is most definitely Spinach (or Swiss Chard) with 150mg in a cup of cooked popeye fuel. Most dark leafy greens are packed with it (eat your vegetables)

Our best seller, Test-X9, contains 200mg of Magnesium per daily serving. You can also find Magnesium in several other Legacy products including Absolute Men's Wellness, Recovery PM and TotalMind. 


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