Immune Protect Pro

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What's the point of looking indestructible if the inside doesn't match the outside? When you train hard, you are improving your body, but hard training can compromise the immune system and getting sick will derail all that progress and eat into those hard earned gains.

Introducing Immune Protect Pro; a complex formula of wild mushroom extracts that have been shown to have immunomodulating effects, meaning they help keep the immune system in balance — stimulating it when there's something to fight, and downregulating it when it's overactive.* Immune Protect Pro features Lion's Mane, Shitake, Reishi mushroom extracts as well as a blend of key fruit, plant and mushroom extracts that have been shown to improve brain function and boost energy.* When you add Immune Protect Pro to your daily routine, you can rest assured that your immune system will keep up with the rigors of training and your active lifestyle.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with a physician before taking any nutritional supplement.

our philosophy is simple

I wouldn't ask you to use something I don't use.

I started weight training and studying fitness and nutrition 20 years ago, and turned my passion for it into a career in Sports Entertainment. I use every product (not all at once!) in our line besides the Her-Legacy line which my wife and co-founder, Mickie James, uses on a daily basis. I believe in the products and would never ask you to trust something I don't use myself.

-Nick Aldis

Founder, Legacy Sports Nutrition



I have loved every product I've tried from Legacy so far. The Recovery PM works so well, I can feel the Flush detox right away and the Carb Defender is perfect for special occasions and cheat days!

Christine S
St Augustine FL

I can't live without Recovery PM now! I sleep so well and I had trouble sleeping for years. I tried the Ultimate Test Stack after hearing about it on a podcast and man, I feel like I'm 25 again and I'm 37!

Don G
Nashville TN

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